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Third-Party Program Approval


Approval of Third-Party (Non-FIU or Outside) Education Abroad Programs

What is the Third-Party Program Approval (TPPA) Process?

A non-FIU or outside education abroad program is one not offered by FIU. It could be direct enrolling in a foreign institution, participating in a program through a different US university, or participating in a 3rd party education abroad program/provider. If you are interested in participating in a non-FIU or outside education abroad program, you must apply through the Office of Education Abroad to have your program reviewed for approval to count here at FIU. The Third-Party Program Approval application is separate from the application to the actual program. The application to participate in the program would be handled through the organization/university running your chosen program.

TPPA is a great option if you:

  • Don’t speak the language of the country where you would like to study abroad
  • Don’t have a 3.0 GPA to qualify for ISE 
  • Are looking for something that FIU doesn’t offer (location, course offerings, duration, etc.)


  • Summer: April 15th 
  • Fall or Academic Year: June 15th 
  • Spring: November 1st 

Attend an Information Session and then Find a program


Attend an TPPA information session to learn about the process and what you need to do in order to have it approved. Do some research to find an outside education abroad program by looking into other universities and/or 3rd party providers. See below for websites that might be helpful in your search. When reviewing programs, be sure to confirm that the program accepts outside students. Then, pay attention to details like application requirements, deadlines, course offerings, etc. You can also contact the program for further information on things like housing, transcripts, etc.
Click HERE for Third-Party Program Providers 
Click HERE for Third-Party Program Direct Enrollment
Click HERE for Third-Party Program Virtual Internships 


Meet with an OEA Advisor 

After you attend a TPPA Info session,  you can schedule an appointment with the Office of Education Abroad to review the program you are interested in attending. Some of the topics addressed may include: application  instructions, remaining degree requirements, the course approval process, financial aid implications, etc.

Apply for Approval 

The deadlines for the approval application are listed above, and required items are listed in the application. Students must be in good academic standing (2.0 GPA for undergraduate or 3.0 GPA for graduate) to be approved.
Keep in mind you also need to complete the application for the program by the deadlines set for the program. Basically, you will have two, separate applications related to your study abroad experience