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International Student Exchange

ISEInternational Student Exchange (ISE) Program

If you’re looking for an affordable way to get truly immersed in another culture, the International Student Exchange (ISE) program is a phenomenal option. This program is open to all majors. During the exchange, participants study alongside local students in regular university courses at one of our partner institutions. Participants enroll in the equivalent of 12 or more credits towards major, minor or general degree program requirements. Students still pay FIU tuition and are able to receive all the same scholarships and financial aid they normally would for on-campus courses. Participants are responsible for all other expenses (flights, housing, living expenses, etc.). Below you will find more information about the program and how to apply. 

To qualify for the ISE Program, you must have:

  • A minimum 3.0 FIU GPA
  • Language fluency (reading, writing and speaking) in the language of instruction if applicable (please refer to location details on the Program pages available by searching here
  • University Core Curriculum (UCC) courses fully or nearly completed 

Important Deadlines: 

All application materials must be submitted by the following dates:

  • Fall or Academic Year – March 1
  • Spring – September 15

Attend an ISE Info Session 

It’s never too early to start planning! At these information sessions, one of our advisors will explain more detail about the ISE program, review the list of partner institutions available, and explain the application process. Info sessions take place at set times during the week. Call the Office of Study Abroad (OSA) to find out when the next one will take place (305-348-1913).  

Browse Schools & Talk with your Academic Advisor

Look at the list of partner universities & review the detailed school information available on HERE. If you have not already done so, meet with your academic advisor to talk about ISE and see how it might fit with your major. Planning early will help you know which degree requirements would be good to plan to complete while on ISE.

Make an Appointment with the Office of Study Abroad

After attending an info session, schedule an appointment with an OSA staff member to discuss your specific academic plan and the ISE program in more detail. OSA staff will help you get an better idea of how the ISE program works and what institutions might be a good fit for you, given the courses you need to complete your FIU degree. In meetings with our office, you will learn more about the application process, the course equivalency process, & financial aid.

Apply to the ISE Program 

Students are applying to the ISE program with a preference for a certain location. Once you select your first choice location, you can begin your application on that host programs brochure page on Since we cannot guarantee spaces will be available at certain institutions, we ask students to think about second and third choice locations in addition to their first choice option. A complete application requires several items, including:

  • Two completed E-Recommendations: At least one needs to be from a college or university-level academic reference (a professor or advisor).
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Application Questionnaires 
  • Signature Policy Documents
  • Scheduling of the ISE Interview. 
  • Non-Refundable $195 Office of Study Abroad Application Fee (paid via my.FIU) - The fee will be posted to applicant's student accounts once all other items are completed and OSA will let applicants know the due date for paying the application fee which will be after the application deadline.  

All required items must be completed by the relevant deadlines noted above.

Complete your ISE Interview

Once you have submitted your application materials online, contact OSA to schedule your interview. Interviews must be scheduled by 5pm on the application deadline and will take place in the weeks following the deadline. Once all interviews are completed, students will be notified of their decision via FIU email. The OSA will then work closely with accepted students as they prepare for study abroad and complete additional required items. 

Being Accepted to the ISE Program

Students who are accepted to the ISE program will be offered a space at a specific partner institution and then have the option to accept or decline their placement. We cannot guarantee that if accepted, an applicant will be offered a space at their first choice school. When making decisions, beyond all the application items and interview, OSA must also take into a account the number of spaces available at a given institution for that specific application cycle. Acceptance to the program is just the beginning of the ISE program.

Accepted participants will then be required to attend several meetings in preparation for study abroad. In the Post-Acceptance Meeting, OSA staff reviews all the required items participants must complete in the time before their semester abroad. This includes working on the host institution application materials and the course equivalency process through which participants have specific host school courses reviewed for equivalency to FIU courses. Then, in a required Pre-Departure Orientation, OSA staff will review more program specific requirements, health and safety information, and offer practical advise on packing for and living abroad for one or more semesters.